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Semi-trailer VRAC + for livestock farming

A new drive for VRAC PLUS semi-trailers!

VRAC PLUS has delivered semi-trailers with a new hydraulic system. This allows all bulk functions to be driven from a tractor equipped with a standard high-pressure hydraulic pump (tipper type). Performance is identical to the VRAC PLUS standard appreciated by animal nutrition professionals. This...

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QR CODE traceability

VRAC PLUS featured in animal feed magazine

You will read an article about VRAC PLUS traceability in the animal feed magazine ( [caption id="attachment_37081" align="aligncenter" width="477"] Feed review May 2023[/caption]...

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amada laser cutting

Important investment at VRAC +.

The VRAC PLUS Group invested in and started up a laser cutting machine at the beginning of the year. There are several reasons for this important investment. Laser cutting is a process that uses a very powerful laser beam to vaporize the material to be cut. The laser follows a specific...

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SPACE 2022 semi-trailer

Our new e-silo automation presented at the back-to-school shows!

For nearly 10 years, the VRAC PLUS group (T.S.C.I. - GUILLONNEAU), the French leader in bulk tankers for animal nutrition, has been offering an innovative automation and security system called e-silo. These modules are implemented thanks to an industrial automaton with exclusive characteristics. With more than 200 equipped tanks, the offer...

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lapalus bulk plus

The body shop LAPALUS, official partner of VRAC PLUS in Burgundy

VRAC PLUS is very pleased to announce its partnership with the LAPALUS body shop. The body shop LAPALUS is a Burgundian company already well known among our local customers. This body shop based in La Roche Vineuse, near Macon, is composed of a team of about twenty people. Yannick CHOIX, the CEO of the company, is...

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bulk semi-trailer

See and be seen with VRAC PLUS tanks!

Tank lighting is an important feature: It enhances the aesthetics of your package, but it is also an important safety feature for making deliveries to your customers' farms. Active LED signalling (signal lights, position lights, gauge lights, etc.) as well as passive signalling (light strips, etc.) are available.

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bulk semi-trailer

VRAC PLUS, leader and expert in tank design

The VRAC PLUS group (T.S.C.I. - GUILLONNEAU) is the French leader in bulk tankers for the transport of animal nutrition. VRAC PLUS tanks are modular and fully adaptable to specific transport needs: loading volumes, number of compartments, tank height, etc. VRAC PLUS is...

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bulk tanker e-silo

Our e-silo offer: innovation at your fingertips! 

The VRAC PLUS group (T.S.C.I. - GUILLONNEAU) proposes an innovative and complete offer, called e-silo, implemented thanks to a last generation automaton with exclusive characteristics. With more than 200 equipped tanks, the e-silo offer is today the reference on the cattle feed market. This offer satisfies both users and suppliers.

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