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VRAC PLUS, designer and manufacturer of bulk tanks for the transport of animal feed and wood pellets

Since 1998, VRAC PLUS has brought together the companies TSCI (created in 1990 - Plélo, 22) and Carrosserie GUILLONNEAU (created in 1963 - Challans, 85). 

Made in France

We are the French leader in the manufacture of bodies and equipment for bulk transport of animal nutrition.


All our tanks are made in France.

VRAC PLUS has been developing for more than 30 years a stechnical know-how from A to Z of an aluminium tank integrating ever more technologies and innovations.


Our know-how is internationally recognised. We are present in in Belgium and Switzerland as well as in many Maghreb countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria,...) and in Eastern European countries (Poland, Russia, ...).

Our range of bulk tanks

We offer an innovative and comprehensive range of of tanks and equipment adapted to all types of vehicles:


2 or 3 axles semi-trailers


Tanks on support frames

Tanks on 4-wheel (19 T), 6-wheel (26 T) and 8-wheel (32 T) carrier chassis





Removable tanks on cradle

Removable tanks on cradle


Pellets blower trucks

Pellets blower trucks


VRAC PLUS, a story from father to daughter

A 100% family-owned, stable and sustainable company with a daily mission:


To guarantee an organisation and operation of the company that allows us to design, manufacture and ensure the after-sales service of bodywork, all made to measure to meet the specific needs of each of our customers.


To place at the heart of relations with customers, teams and suppliers the strong values that make up the company's DNA: high standards, service, transparency and listening.

Customer satisfaction

Involve employees in a customer satisfaction process.


Innovate to anticipate your future needs by involving customers, technical services and competent organisations.

Our rigorous system for monitoring each project, validated by our ISO 9001-2015 certification and UTAC-certified qualified operators, enables us to meet your specifications and manufacturing deadlines on a daily basis. 

Animal nutrition and its transport, Vrac Plus a specialist at your side

We work in close collaboration with our manufacturer and carrier customers to understand your challenges and to develop the most innovative transport solutions in thefeed market.

The bulk truck is a continuation of the feed mill.


There are many issues related to the transport of animal nutrition: driver safety, health safety, equipment performance and robustness, transport cost optimisation, ease of use and ergonomics, traceability of deliveries, performance and robustness of equipment, optimisation of transport costs, ease and ergonomics of use, traceability of deliveries,


The ultimate goal of our organisation is the response to the problems and satisfaction of our customers. Thanks to our experience and techknow-how, our clients regularly regularly renew their trust in us.


National leaders in animal nutrition (INVIVO - EVIALIS, AVRIL - SANDERS, COOPERL, NUTREA...)the largest regional transporters but also regional or local regional or local players, have trusted us for many years.



Contact us!

We are coming to meet you!

We organise meetings in the field, in order to better know the evolution of your expectations and the diversity of your needs in the transport and bulk delivery of animal feed.

This is an opportunity to present you with our product developments, our innovations and our services.

Finally, we participate in numerous national and international trade fairs(SPACE, Sommet de l'élevage, Technotransand the Libramont Fair, Dawajine…).