Discover why VRAC PLUS is a major player in the bulk transport of animal nutrition

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Discover why VRAC PLUS is a major player in the bulk transport of animal nutrition

The challenges of bulk transport for animal nutrition


The design of bulk tanks requires significant know-how to meet the challenges of delivering animal nutrition.

At each stage of your project, your VRAC PLUS contact person will be able to offer you a tailor-made solution, in order to adapt your bulk animal feed tank to your operational constraints.

Find out how VRAC PLUS designs your tanks to meet your needs.


How to optimise bulk transport of compound feed to farms?


The French leader in the bulk tanker market for livestock feed, VRAC PLUS tanks are recognised for their quality, robustness and longevity.


The VRAC PLUS group (TSCI and GUILLONNEAU) has been designing and manufacturing for over 30 years:

  • semi-trailers
  • tankers on carriers
  • trailers.


In 2020, the 2,000th bulk tanker left our workshops.


Each VRAC PLUS tank is the result of an exchange between you, your logistics or sales team, and your VRAC PLUS contact person, which makes them unique and adapted to your operational needs.

For each project, there are many points to observe:

  • Dimensions / volume,
  • Compartmentalisation,
  • The tare weight,
  • The configuration of the farms (type, access, size),
  • The products transported,...


A dedicated design office and a technical team are mobilised to build your bulk feed tanker project. Thanks to your specifications and the customisation that we can provide, we give you all the cards in hand to optimise your bulk transport.


The TSCI and GUILLONNEAU body shops are ISO 9001 certified and UTAC qualified operators, which guarantees that the product will comply with your order and that the vehicle will be operational as soon as it leaves the workshop.


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VRAC PLUS tanks ensure the quality of the products transported



Ensuring the quality of the products delivered is essential in the field of animal nutrition. The VRAC PLUS tanks have characteristics (extraction screw, design of the hatches and the tank), which provide these guarantees from the factory to the farmer's silo or to the delivery site.

For example, VRAC PLUS has eliminated the need for cylinders and hoses inside the compartments. Thanks to these features, you limit the risk of food contamination by hydraulic oil. The compartments are free of all accessories, clean without fairings, making them easier to clean and reducing product retention.

The compartment hatches are also sealed to prevent the risk of contamination between foods.




VRAC PLUS also incorporates technical features in its bodies that allow :

  • Fan cleaning of the conveyors ("All In Silo" system), which cleans the residues remaining in the screws.
  • the external cleanliness of the tank (careening of the gangways and tank bottoms).


Increase productivity and quality with VRAC PLUS tanks



VRAC PLUS bodies have been known for many years for their unloading performance thanks to their extraction augers. The augers have an even better discharge rate due to their new diameters. The weight and volume advantages, which have made this configuration so successful, are of course retained.

VRAC PLUS also offers ever more innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of the animal nutrition industry and to increase productivity:

  • The unloading of the transported products is fully supervised via a 10" touch screen. This solution, called e-silo, provides your driver with greater ease of use, thanks to a clear synopsis of the tanker's functions. The e-silo system also keeps track of the operations performed on the vehicle. So if you need to trace a delivery round, you can do so easily by accessing the event log.


  • Deliveries can also be secured to limit the risk of delivery errors. This traceability is done with the recognition of the silos by RFID tag or QR CODE: you can thus be sure that the right compartment is delivered in the right silo.


Always better adapted to the constraints and requirements of livestock deliveries, the VRAC PLUS bodies are now essential in the animal nutrition market.


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