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For more than 30 years, VRAC PLUS has been designing customised tanks incorporating a high degree of customisation and the best of the latest technologies.

Although our projects are custom-made, they have certain common features that are our trademark.

The VRAC PLUS tanks are...



Created to optimise the payload ofyour set thanks to its construction in aluminium alloyaluminium alloy.



Recognized for their sustainability and robustness, thanks to our manufacturing processesn.



Reliable to ensure sustainable operation: nur tanks are improving every day.



Modular in order toadapt the dimensions of the tank to your operating constraints.



Customisable thanks to numerous options. Our offer includes a wide range of choices.



Automated to meet user ergonomics and connected to meet your traceability needs.

Secure for your operators


Vrac plus equipped its tanks very early on according to the recommendations of CRAM/CARSAT and the various approved bodies.

Secure for the products transported


To reduce the risk of contamination, the tank is designed for easy cleaning.



Realized for their for their high standard of finishas a result of our quality procedures.

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With these features, your tanker incorporates the elements necessary for your productivity.ale.

Through our products, we contribute to the quality and traceability of the bulk transport of livestock feed.

e-silo automation


VRAC PLUS simplifies your daily life with automation and traceability of your deliveries

Our e-silo automation package with a 10" touchscreen fulfils several functions:

  • Automation of functions, thanks to a synoptic of the tank equipment,
  • The regulation of the extraction screws: adjustment by manual lever or automatic adjustment by the automaton,
  • Full event history and the ability to follow a preventive maintenance plan for the tank.

Traceability between factory and farm


Traceability from the feed mill to the farm is often the weakest link in the supply chain.

We have built an offer in addition to the e-silo automation with 2 possibilities:

  • Traceability by RFID chip,
  • Traceability via QR CODE.
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