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Pellet blower trucks - wood pellets

Do you want to deliver wood pellets to individuals or communities??

VRAC PLUS offers tankers for for the bulk delivery of wood pellets pellets for more than 10 years.

The wood pellets are a product that requires special care during transport and delivery.

VRAC PLUS offers an innovative solution to meet the specific needs of of pellet deliverys of wood. Installation on a carrier 4×2 (18-19 T carrier) forwarder 6×4 / 6×2 (carrier 26 T) and carrier 8×4 / 8×2 (carrier 32 T): nur tanks are modular to adapt to your needs.

Discover some examples of pellet tank configurations

Tanker on carrier 18 T


Tanker on carrier 19 T


Tanker on carrier 26 T


Access to the delivery site

Our tanks are...

  • Compact
    for access to storage areas in private homes, residences or communities

  • Modular
    in height, width and length as well as according to the configuration of the carriers (wheelbase, overhang,...)

  • Compartmented (or semi-compartmented)
    for better load distribution of the carrier


Avoiding dust generation at deliverys

  • Scraper screw with polyamide bottom
    to transport the pellets without damaging them

  • Horizontal stainless steel cell doors
    operated by cylinders placed outside the tank, in order to segment the extraction: only the product to be delivered is in motion

  • High performance blower system
    with specific features for the preservation of the pellets' integrity

  • Hoover
    delivered with the tank


Ergonomics and safety in use

  • Centralized control of screws and equipment

  • Wireless radio control
    allowing the flow rate to be adjusted and the system to be switched off remotely

  • For the transport of blower hoses
    possibility of making side boxes or installing side ducts

  • Rear access ladder
    with safety railing on side walkway


Class III approved on-board weighing machine

  • Commercial accuracy for invoicing to private individuals
    We carry out the initial inspection at the end of the bodywork, so that the vehicle is ready for delivery

  • A weighing indicator displays the weight delivered during delivery
    and a weighing ticket can be issued at the end of the delivery

Many options available

  • Reversing camera with in-cab display ;

  • Repeater...

From 8 to 14 tonnes payload, depending on the make of the carrier and the technical specifications of the tanker. 

We can also offer this type of tank with a cradle system, which can be picked up by a tipper.


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