Our radio controls are evolving!

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semi-trailer in breeding

Our radio controls are evolving!

Animal nutrition transport bodies have evolved in all their aspects. Let's go back a few years... The first users will surely tell you - with a big smile - all the anecdotes of their deliveries. For example, they had to turn the unloading screw manually with a rope, then lift it with a crank to position it in the silo!

Today, all our bodies are equipped with a wireless radio control. All the functions of your equipment - body on carrier or semi-trailer - are grouped together on this organ which has become indispensable over the years, with the following main functions

  • Maneuvering the silo screw,
  • The start/stop of the screws with automatic time delay on restart,
  • LED work lights,
  • Remote acceleration,
  • The start of the auxiliary motor (if present),
  • Axle controls for a semi-trailer.

The driver has more working comfort for daily operations. Safety is increased, the vision on the working environment is increased thanks to the possible backward movement. Thus, the conditions for the delivery of feed are considerably improved.


Installed for a few months on our bodies, the latest generation of radio control is more and more innovative.



When it is switched on, an automatic frequency search is performed between the radio control and the body to communicate on the best channel. It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery to increase its autonomy. Finally, the ergonomics have been totally redesigned to increase the simplicity of use, in particular during the installation of the silo screw.

VRAC PLUS is constantly improving the operation of its equipment while putting safety at the heart of its concerns.





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