A new VRAC PLUS semi-trailer on the roads of the Basque Country!

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bulk semi-trailer animal nutrition

A new VRAC PLUS semi-trailer on the roads of the Basque Country!

At the beginning of this year 2021, Jean-Philippe and Bruno LADEUIX, managers of the company ATHERBEA in the Basque Country - specialised in the trade of agricultural products - took possession of their new 3-axle bulk trailer for animal nutrition manufactured by the Carrosserie Guillonneau - VRAC PLUS group.


bulk semi-trailer for breeding

bulk semi-trailer for breeding

Their fleet of feed tankers, consisting of a 26 T carrier (6×2 trailer), a 32 T carrier (8×4 tridem) and a 3-axle semi-trailer, has just been extended with the arrival of this new ultra-compact semi-trailer. Indeed, with a length of 9.70 m, this tanker is one of the shortest on the market. This length makes it easier to get into particularly tight spots. "Combined with a liftable first axle and a third SAF steering axle controlled from the cab, our experienced driver reaches local farms that are particularly difficult to approach," says Jean-Philippe.


"In our region, we have to deal with a wide variety of road conditions. But for the most part, they are on winding roads, on slopes, in sometimes oily conditions. We had a first successful experience with this type of combination with our first VRAC PLUS semi-trailer. We chose to renew our confidence in Carrosserie GUILLONNEAU for the realisation of our new project. VRAC PLUS was able to respond to our requests for improvement and to our specific specifications. So we have high-performance equipment, adapted to our use", adds Bruno.


Jean-Philippe concludes: "A trailer is a big investment for a company of our size. But we are sure to keep this trailer in operation for more than a decade, as it was built to last thanks to its quality and robust design. Finally, we are proud to display the colours of the Basque country on the corrugations of the tanker!

There is no doubt that our customers are very familiar with their region and its specificities. They can also count on the responsive after-sales service of the Carrosserie Guillonneau production site, which limits the downtime of their units: "We know the people we need to talk to and we get quick answers to our questions.

The icing on the cake (Basque!) is that the semi-trailer, equipped with scrapers and double equipment, coupled to its red tractor, has a payload of 28 tonnes.


We wish our client ATHERBEA a long and successful journey and a long life to this project!


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