A new semi-trailer from our workshops for Burgundy

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A new semi-trailer from our workshops for Burgundy

French leader in bulk transport of animal nutrition, the VRAC PLUS group (TSCI - GUILLONNEAU) differentiates itself by designing ever more innovative customised bodies and semi-trailers.



A new semi-trailer has left our workshops with a unique set of features:


  • Accessibility on the farm with a 3-axle semi-trailer. The steering axle is radio-controlled. Thus, this chassis significantly improves the accessibility of farms.
  • Increased productivity and optimised volume: The screw scrapers have an even higher discharge rate thanks to their new diameters. The weight and volume advantages that have made this configuration so successful are of course retained.
  • User-friendliness and delivery traceability: The e-silo touch screen simplifies the use of the equipment. In addition, the e-silo system traces the operations carried out on the vehicle. The 10'' industrial touch screen is the largest on the market and allows a clear view of the progress of the rounds.
  • The automatic screw regulation is an exclusive VRAC PLUS option.
  • Thanks to our unique know-how, VRAC PLUS mechanical and pneumatic equipment is renowned for its performance.
  • Respect and safety of the products transported: The tank is designed for easy cleaning on the outside (walkway and tank bottom with fairings) and inside the compartments (cylinders and fairings removed, screw cleaning).
  • This semi-trailer is equipped with a new generation auxiliary engine. As a result, the trailer is independent of the road tractor. In addition, the engine is in line with the new emission standard and reduces its impact on the environment.
  • Personalization of your tanker: You have the possibility to choose the options and to mark your trailer with your advertising.

We wish this semi-trailer a good use in the Burgundian farms.


The will to adapt its product to the constraints of its customers also positions the VRAC PLUS group at the forefront of innovations in the animal nutrition sector.



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